Secure, low-latency, high-performance digital experiences, everywhere

Working on an Edge or digital transformation project?
Nalej delivers high-quality digital experiences by unifying Cloud, Local, and IoT resources to dramatically reduce latency, increase application performance, and securely orchestrate applications and services to best-fit infrastructure based on user proximity.
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Deployment options that fit your business, security, and performance needs

Nalej Cloud

For Developers and Enterprises that require on-demand edge infrastructure to build, deploy, and run apps with ease.

Nalej OS

For large enterprises, local cities, or government organizations that require their own edge cloud.

Nalej Open

For businesses and developers curious about how it works on their own terms, at their own pace.

Digital Transformation

Unify cloud and edge infrastructure to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

Smart Cities and Factories

Build, deploy, and operate smart city solutions like an app.

Internet of Things

Cloud and IoT as infrastructure enable unified application lifecycle management.

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