NALEJ Mosaic OS/Platform:

Software, Hybrid Cloud Services & Systems.

Secure. Dynamic. Programmable. Real-Time. Resilient.

Powering Hyperscale Edge Cloud 2.0.

Enabling the Intelligent & Programmable Edge.

The NALEJ Mosaic OS/Platform and Tools enable IT/OT teams, operators, developers, and analysts to integrate and interoperate heterogeneous distributed resources, and dynamically leverage software-defined, composable open services, cloud to edge/edge to cloud (C2E/E2C) to enable, secure, performant, intelligent, and programmable edge workloads and effects.


The NALEJ Mosaic OS/Platform is a US open source, “Edge Optimized” Enterprise Services Bus (E/ESB), architected, developed, and operationalized at scale in accordance with US Federal and DOD MOSA baseline requirements, US MIL specifications and US DOD (c)ATO policies, requirements, and certifications


The NALEJ Mosaic OS/Platform is uniquely resilient and inter-operable with standards-based, legacy, and non-legacy, software and hybrid cloud services and systems, thus enabling industry to dynamically operate securely in real-time, at scale, anywhere, and anytime.

The NALEJ Mosaic OS/Platform is deployable in multiple modalities: SaaS, PaaS, System. Providing a flexible architecture to enable edge-optimized programmable solutions based on increasingly complex requirements and the demanding global, national, and local environments in which industry operates.

your hardware and network

The infrastructure you already have deployed from multi-cloud to bare metal and your network (3G, 4G, 5G, high-band 5G, WiFi6 or other network protocol)  can be transformed into an ‘Edge’ fabric with Nalej


Nalej supports multiple storage models: distributed replication, recovery from system failure with minimized data loss at the Edge and forward deployment of stateful application services 


Enable your Ops team to orchestrate containers and to operate multiple clusters (Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Openshift), allowing them to move faster and reducing complexity. No Vendor Lock-in

Control costs

Consistently reduce operational cost and risk associated with disparate, under-utilized compute, storage, and network resources.  Lab tests have achieved 90%+ operating cost savings

Ai OPTIMIZED performance

Nalej software leverages AI to optimize ‘best fit capabilities’ continously for your specific workload and operational parameters such as performance, security, privacy, and cost

CONTROL Security and Privacy

All communications are automatically zero-trust secured and encrypted, the Nalej Platform provides both ease-of-mind and ease-of-management

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